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Home Nurse Making Bed


  • Lodging

  • Food service 5x a day

  • One caregiver per two residents

  • Special diets if prescribed by a doctor

  • Hygiene items of general use

  • Washing, drying and ironing of personal clothes

  • Fresh bed and bath linens weekly

  • Cleaning of resident's rooms

  • Comfortable and suitable bed and bedroom furniture

  • Plan, arrange and provide for transportation to medical and dental appointments

  • Planned activities including the utilization of available community resources

  • Coninuous care and supervision and observation for changes in physical, mental, emotional, and social functioning

  • Notification to resident's family or physician of resident's changing needs

  • Assistance with transferring from bed to chair

  • Assistance in meeting necessary medical and dental needs

  • Assistance with taking prescribed and over-the-counter medications

  • Bedside care and tray service for minor temprary illnesses or recovery from surgery

  • Protective supervision

  • 24 hours monitoring

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